Corporate & Catering Services

corporate-catering-3.pngWhen you need to make a statement with your event or celebration, our fine confections provide the elegance and style to complement your presentation.

Corporate Gifts

Truffles & Marzipan

When choosing gifts for important clients or colleagues, our artisinal gourmet truffles featuring over twenty globally-sourced flavors sends the right messages on behalf of your company. All of our products use 100% sustainable premium Swiss chocolate and our German marzipan line is entirely gluten free.

Visit our truffle and marzipan menus to view your options.

Choose from any of our available gift collections. Custom combinations in each box may be configured to suit depending on availability.

Special Events

We work with you to find the perfect solution to enhance the occasion through special packaging treatments and presentation.

Individual & Small Multi-Piece Packaging

We have a range of packaging suitable for use as wedding favours, table gifts and/or placement within gift totes. Please download our Corporate & Catering Menu here for more information.



Chocolate Printing

We can print your logo or message on a 3" white chocolate disc. The image at the right is an example of the print quality. Images are printed using FDA-approved edible inks. Visit our Edible Art page to view further examples of print quality.

Order quantities using this item and contact us for a quote for individual packagingquantity discount, lead time and transfer of artwork.


Our range of unique flavors provide numerous options to complement your menus and for beverage pairing. We can also devise custom recipes to suit. A gluten-free option is available with our marzipan confections and for guests observing vegan diets, a vegan truffle is available for custom order.

Visit our truffle and marzipan menus to view your options.

Contact us to learn how our corporate and catering services can contribute to the success of what you are trying to accomplish. You can download our Corporate & Catering Menu here