Our Truffles Get Some Love @ The Raymond Aaron Seminar

Posted by Lydia Yue on 23rd Jun 2014

I recently attended one of Raymond Aaron's 2-Day Marketing Tycoon seminar. The majority of the attendees were business owners and I was resolved to participate as much as possible to not only learn more but market to the marketing gurus! My plan paid off during a segment where we gave pitches for our products. I promised an "experience of a lifetime" which seriously piqued Raymond's interest. When I explained that my company made gourmet chocolate truffles, his interest and from other attendees went through the roof!

Raymond eventually ordered our Grandeur truffle gift box as a surprise gift for his wife, the beautiful Karyn Mullen. She was scheduled to give her first ever speech that particular evening. She was elated to receive this gorgeous box of chocolates. 

The following week I was at another one of Raymond's seminars where he shared with me a story of how they (and a few of their friends I hope!) finished the whole 48-piece Grandeur box as well as another 15-piece Classic box in one evening! I think it's pretty clear Raymond, his wife Karyn and team member Jeff Tam love Ü Chocolate for the World's truffles! Karyn even posted about it on her Facebook page

The tag on the photo of Karyn and I is incorrect unfortunately. Our FB page is UChocolates. The link with Jeff's photo is fine. Ah, the unpredictability of FB tagging!