Just in Time for the Holidays, Free Shipping in the U.S. & Canada!

Posted by Ü Chocolate for the World on 20th Nov 2014

We are very pleased to now offer American and Canadian customers free shipping in the United States and Canada. Here is a brief explanation of how you can take advantage of this offer:United StatesU.S … read more

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival!

Posted by Ü Chocolate for the World on 29th Aug 2014

On the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar Calendar (September 8 in 2014) when the moon appears the fullest, the Chinese celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival with wonderful displays of elaborate lit d … read more

Win a Chocolate Wedding Cake Bride & Groom on Facebook!

Posted by Andy Yue on 2nd Jul 2014

We are giving away a bride and groom made from premium Swiss chocolate and all you have to do is like our Facebook page. You can increase your chances of winning by sharing the contest with your Faceb … read more

Our Truffles Get Some Love @ The Raymond Aaron Seminar

Posted by Lydia Yue on 23rd Jun 2014

I recently attended one of Raymond Aaron's 2-Day Marketing Tycoon seminar. The majority of the attendees were business owners and I was resolved to participate as much as possible to not only learn mo … read more

​What is a Chocolate Truffle? - A Short Primer

Posted by Andy Yue | Ü Chocolate for the World on 29th May 2014

In today's chocolate market there is a spectrum of confections that are referred to as " chocolate truffles". While their quality can vary, this non-judgmental primer is meant to clarify what exa … read more