About Us

About Our Chocolate

We make all of our products with chocolate couverture manufactured from cocoa beans grown using sustainable practices and purchased from traceable sources independently-verified by a third party organization. The chocolate we use is 100% free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

You can learn more about the traceability and sustainability of the chocolate we use by clicking here.

About Our Company

After an absence of 25 years, Lydia Yue, founder of the celebrated Toronto-based confectioner Chocolateur has returned to the exciting chocolate industry with her son Andy in the birth of Ü Specialties Inc.

At that time, the Chocolateur brand was known for quality and uniqueness with a renowned flagship store in Toronto's Eaton Centre and a satellite store in London Ontario's Masonville Place as well as retail partners in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Montgomery. Today, we continue the tradition with a global focus in the Ü Chocolate for the World line of confections.

This name reflects our passion for the world's people and the wonderful flavors that are intrinsically part of each culture. At the heart of our new offerings is a range of truffles with a global perspective.

Each of these truffles features a well-loved exotic fruit presented in high-definition and balanced within a chocolate setting. The goal of each confection is a unique taste experience that warrants repeat enjoyment, appropriate to any moment in life when chocolate is enjoyed and shared. 

With each new offering, we continue to embody our goal to bring you chocolate for the world!